Student Leadership Activities Offered:Student Council (Advisor = Katie Sandor) - The student council serves as the voice of the student body to faculty and administration. Students are elected each year and must meet annual criteria for continuing membership. The student council is responsible for helping plan homecoming week activities, Civic Engagement Day, and other activities throughout the year.- WEB Leaders (Advisors = Dave McNamee, Michele Olson, and Mary Hall) - The WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program uses 8th grade students as “links” between the 6th grade class and the middle school experience. The WEB Leaders lead a 6th grade orientation that includes team building activities, a tour of the school, orientation to the fall schedule and an ice cream social. Other activities are facilitated during the school year during advisory periods. Through the WEB program, 6th graders enter middle school with the confidence and skills they need for success.

Other Non-Athletic Activities Offered:Math Team (Advisor = Matt Solberg)- Yearbook (Advisor = Mary Hall)