Athletic/Activities Information


An activity fee is charged for extra-curricular activities.  Fees for each specific activity can be found here.  All other student activities cost $25.00. Fees may be waived in hardship cases and the Activities Director will determine and process such waiver requests.  All fees must be paid prior to the first contest.

a. Refunds may be given if a student quits the team within 2 weeks of the start date.

b. Refunds may be awarded to students who discontinue participation after 2 weeks of the first practice.

c. Refunds may be awarded to students who terminate participation in an activity due to injury, illness, or those not making the team. The student may be asked to provide a Doctor’s note stating that the student is no longer able to participate for the remainder of the season. The amount of the refund will be according to the following time schedule.

  • Up to the first public performance/competition—full refund.

  • First performance/competition through midpoint—half refund.

  • Midpoint through season’s end—no refund.

d. No refunds will be given without verification, in writing, by the activities director. It is the responsibility of the participant to initiate contact with the activities director about a refund.

e. Refunds must be requested through the activities director by the participant within 1 week of the students last practice or contest.

f. Students that are dismissed from participation will not receive refunds.

g. Students who quit a team after the first two weeks due to academic issues shall not receive a refund.


Fan attendance at away contests is encouraged. Participants who attend away contests are bound to the policies and behavior expectations listed in this handbook.

1. Sit in your school’s designated section.

2. Treat visiting contestants and spectators as guests and with respect.

3. Do not “boo” or use degrading references or profanity toward game officials, opposing contestants or fans, or your team.

4. Conduct yourself at all times in a manner that will reflect positively upon you and the school.

5. If you ride the bus to athletic contests or other school activities, you must return on the bus unless written permission is received from your parents in advance and approved by the coach/advisor and the Activities Director.

6. During the playing of the National Anthem, you should stand respectfully. All hats should be removed.

7. If inappropriate behavior is exhibited which is unbecoming to our school or community, you will be removed from that specific event.

8. School disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the Principal or Activities Director


Transportation will be provided by the school district to all events.  Individual participants who may want to drive to a contest must approve this with the coach/advisory and the Activities Director PRIOR to the contest.  Individual coaches/advisors may have additional policies relating to transportation. 


Students must have accrued the minimal number of credits at the beginning of each semester to demonstrate progress toward graduation and to be eligible to participate in a sport or co-curricular activity. Students must also maintain a Grade Point Average of 1.75.  Students are subject to checkpoint procedure monitoring when falling below the 1.75 GPA minimum.

Graduation Year

Class of “18”

Class of “19”

Class of “20”

And Beyond

2017 – 2018

School Year

Grade 12

Grade 11

Grade 10

Grade 9

Semester 1

16 credits

9 credits

4.5 credits


Semester 2

18.5 credits

11.5 credits

7 credits

2 credits

Fall sports eligibility will be based on credits earned as of August 1st and from the previous semester’s report card/GPA.

Winter sports eligibility will be based on check point 1 and/or 2 grades and credits accrued through Semester 1.

Spring sports eligibility will be based on credits accrued and semester 1 GPA.  Semester 2 checkpoint 1 grades may also be considered.



Student’s GPA is below 1.75 from previous semester

Student has an “F” in any class(es) at a checkpoint for first time


Student is on a weekly tracking sheet for all classes to start the new semester until Checkpoint #1

  • If “F” on tracking sheet = ineligible for practice or games until proof of passing grade

  • Failure to turn in tracking sheet = ineligible for 1 week for practice or games

Immediately ineligible for practice or games until proof of passing grade AND weekly tracking sheet until the next checkpoint.

  • Tracking sheet for only classes with “F” at checkpoint

  • If “F” on tracking sheet = ineligible for practice or games until proof of passing grade

  • Failure to turn in tracking sheet = ineligible for 1 week for practice or games


Student has an “F” in a class or classes for second consecutive checkpoint

A student-athlete is absent for 4 or more class periods in a single day.

A student is suspended from school


Student is on a weekly tracking sheet for all classes to start the new semester until Checkpoint #1

  • If “F” on tracking sheet = ineligible for practice or games until proof of passing grade

  • Failure to turn in tracking sheet = ineligible for 1 week for practice or games

Student is immediately ineligible for games and practices until the next checkpoint

  • Counselors and school staff will work with student to address any academic barriers and formulate a plan for achieving success)

Student is ineligible to participate in games or practices on that day

  • Exceptions may be made for excused absences or by administrative discretion

Student is ineligible to participate in any practices or games for the duration of the suspension.  Student may not attend any school sponsored events during the suspension.  

Semester 1 checkpoint dates: 10/6, 11/10, 12/15, 1/19/17                                            Semester 2 checkpoint dates: 2/23, 3/23, 5/4, 6/1/18

ELIGIBILITY FOR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS - Students holding leadership positions (including captain of team, homecoming/midwinter/prom royalty, etc.) FOR ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF THE Proctor Activities Department (all sports, Drama, FIRST Robotics, Intramurals, Knowledge Bowl, Math Team, Music, National Honor Society, Student Council, etc.) who are found in violation of MSHSL and/or District 704 rules which result in a loss of participation opportunities will be removed from their position of leadership and will be ineligible to hold another such position for the period of one calendar year. If extenuating circumstances warrant, the student may appeal this restriction by initiating a discussion with the coach/advisor involved, the Asst. Principal and the Activities Director.

Incomplete Grades:
A student with an incomplete grade is ineligible until the work is completed, unless the incomplete grade is due to an excused absence preceding a grade checkpoint. If neither of the above is met, the student remains ineligible until the incomplete is resolved.

Students cannot compete in any games or events. The athlete will not be allowed to dress* at the scheduled events.
*Refers to any portion of the uniform


Minnesota State High School League rules must be followed in all matters of eligibility, transfer, physical examinations, insurance coverage, starting dates, use of school equipment, etc. Each coach and director has the responsibility to know, to inform participants and parents, and to enforce school and MSHSL regulations in these matters. Go to for more information.

Offenses:  Any conduct by you that is determined by the coach, Activities Director, and school administration to be detrimental to the activities program, school, or school district will result in counseling by the head coach and a school administrator with possible suspension.


Each activity/coach has specific lettering policies for their sport/activity.  These policies will be distributed at each individual sport/activity parent meeting prior to the start of the season.  Completion of the season is required in order to be eligible for a letter (exception: injury that limits participation).  It is the policy of the Proctor Public Schools that a letter can be earned only in sports/activities supported officially by the Proctor School District and that are affiliated with the MSHSL.