Honors for Excellence


Honors for Excellence is an on-going Middle School program designed to encourage and reward academic achievement, participation in school and community activities, and volunteerism.

Students earn bronze, silver, and gold medals as they successfully participate in this program in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades respectively.

  • Academic Grades: Students are awarded points each quarter if they maintain either an “A” or “B” average. Point totals typically range from a minimum of 48 pts.* (a straight “B average) to a maximum of 60 pts. (a straight “A” average)

To earn the medal, students must maintain at least a “B” average. The office keeps track of these points. Fourth quarter points are assigned as grades stand the first week in June.

  • Participation in Activities: Students earn five points for every extra-curricular activity they participate in. The activity does not have to be school sponsored. Points in this category are limited to a total of 25 pts.

Activities may include, but are not limited to: Flag Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Piano lessons, Knowledge Bowl, Dance, Gymnastics, etc.

*Five points are awarded each semester or season the student participates.

Use green slips to record these points and submit to Mrs. Weiler.

  • Citizenships: Students must volunteer their services in this category.

Typically, one hour of volunteer service translates to one point earned. Students must earn a minimum of 20 points in this area. A change in this area from previous years:

Service must be completed outside the student’s home.

Ideas: Most students earn points through church, youth group, and school activities. In addition, some students have shoveled walks for elderly neighbors, worked at concession stands, or volunteered time at animal shelters.

Use pink slips to record these points and submit them to Mrs. Weiler

  • Attendance: Students may earn four points, per quarter, if attendance is perfect.

Some students will earn zero points in the category. A person with perfect attendance for the entire school year would earn 16 pts. The office records these points

To earn the “Honors for Excellence” medal students must have a total of 100 points.

The school records points for Academic Grades and Attendance. In the areas of Citizenship and Activities, students must submit “Point Application” slips to the school.

The slips verify the activity, dates of participation, and the supervisor of the event. *Point Application slips are available with Mrs. Weiler.